Sourcing Environmentally Friendly Materials and Suppliers in London

Here at Acacia Gardens and Horticulture Ltd, we are fully committed to helping improve the environment we live in. 

Working with clients in London and South East England, we seek to work with environmentally friendly suppliers, as well as encouraging clients to choose eco materials to ensure the project is beneficial for you and the planet.

Our Suppliers

We have maintained a close relationship with all our suppliers for over 15 years, with our relationships helping us to continue bringing quality products to our customers.

planting trees

Plants and Trees

90% of the plant containers that we supply to our customers are re-used along with all our crates. Direct deliveries to site are encouraged.



Working with our soil suppliers, we have encouraged them to adopt re-useable soil bags.



We are working closely with our clients and timber suppliers to cut and treat the materials prior to delivery. This minimises waste at the source.

Contact us for more information on the environmentally friendly suppliers and materials we utilise for projects in London as well as South East England.