Assisting with the Construction and Overview of Landscapes in London

Crafting your perfect landscape takes time and manpower, so entrust your project to the professionals at Acacia Gardens and Horticulture Ltd.

Based in Middlesex, we have worked with clients in London and South East England since 1986, providing construction and overview work to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards.

Our Landscape Services

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Landscape Construction

Our experience means we install and maintain different types of landscape on time and on budget, from a single tree to a housing scheme, we are always on hand.


Landscape Overview

Ensure your project is fit for purpose with our trained eye. We will ensure that your project not only matches the proposed drawings but is safe for use and that it passes any necessary checks.


Landscape Maintenance

Maintaining and nurturing a landscape is vital in the initial months for its long-term appearance. Our trained staff will take care of the landscape to promote long-term growth and prosperity.

Contact us for more information on the landscaping construction and overview work we provide in London and South East England.